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Welcome to Nymphana.com.

 We are sexy, provactive, open-minded and willing to talk about

anything and everything.  You pick it and we will role-play. 


    • SEDUCTI..
    • Ext: 11870
    • Rate: $1.25/Min
    • TWISTED..
    • Ext: 11869
    • Rate: $1.35/Min
    • VERONIC..
    • Ext: 11865
    • Rate: $1.39/Min
  • We also appreciate a good, erotic story. Afterall speech, literature

    and visuals all have a role in arousal...

    So try the links, read the stories, get the lube and be ready to cum...
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And when you're ready, give us a call. Registration is free. Not only will you receive $5 towards your first cum load, you'll get to see all the hot nymphos ready to accomodate your wildest fantasies.
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