“Richardson, of London, pleaded guilty to armed robbery at the

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moncler jackets Go moncler outlet store for months at a time. It takes time to acclimate yourself. One or two weeks moncler outlet jackets is just not enough time to really enjoy yourself. Richardson, also of London, was sentenced to 11 years and four months.Passing sentence, Lady Carmichael said: “The robbery was an act of serious, premeditated criminality which involved significant advance planning with a visit to the hotel some weeks by you Mr Fleming and dummy runs of the route from Glasgow to Gleneagles in the days preceding the robbery using vehicles apparently set aside specifically for the purpose of the robbery.”Criminal moncler jackets outlet behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated and requires the imposition of a substantial period of imprisonment.”Richardson, of London, pleaded guilty to armed robbery at the start of his accomplice’s trial in August 2018.However, a jury didn’t believe Fleming’s claims and they returned verdicts of guilt on the three charges which Fleming faced last month.At the end of proceedings, it emerged that Fleming was convicted at the Old Bailey in London and given a nine year sentence for possessing a firearm.Richardson’s offending began in 2008. He has convictions for dishonesty and violence.During proceedings, the circumstances of how the two men carried out the robbery emerged during evidence which was led by prosecution lawyer Jane Farquharson QC.The court heard how Fleming had returned to see his family in Scotland in early June 2017.He had been born in Glasgow but had moved to London as a child. His mother, Janette McGregor, had returned to the city’s Parkhead area.On June 12 2017, Fleming and another man drove north from Glasgow to St Andrews.He broke into two neighbouring houses and stole a gold ring containing three diamond stones worth a platinum ring worth and pearl necklaces, earrings, a gold wedding ring and an Edwardian broach.Fleming also nicked Louis Vuitton handbags and designer sunglasses during the raids.CCTV images were also captured of Fleming in the town getting out of a Range Rover vehicle police later discovered it was the same one used as the getaway vehicle in the June 27 robbery.The court heard that on the same day as the break ins, Fleming was captured on CCTV at Gleneagles hotel.Prosecutors believed that it was on this day that, Fleming was planning the June 27 raid at the complex.He later planned the robbery by making drives between the hotel and Glasgow. moncler jackets

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